Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September socks

I finished my September socks, which were Wendy Johnson's Feather and Fan Socks, last night. I thought that the foot, being plain stockinette stitch, would knit faster than the past few sock feet have, but they did not seem to---because I found the plain foot boring! (Or maybe because classes had started and I had less knitting time.)

Here they are, in all their colorful splendor. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, in the Mountain Creek colorway.

Here's a close-up view of the pattern, in which, unfortunately, the colors are rather "washed out."

These socks are for my mom---who now has two pairs of colorful hand-knit socks (see my post for Saturday, 18 July to view her other pair of socks) and who may have the snazziest socks of any 75-year-old woman in northern Indiana. : )

I like both pairs of socks for next month's KAL, and I'm trying to decide which one to knit first. One pair, Ms. Johnson's Mock Cable Socks, will be for the Boy Child; one pair, Ms. Johnson's Peace Socks, either for me or for my youngest sister (for Christmas). The Boy Child's feet are not enormous, but they definitely are not small. Baby Sister's feet are an inch longer than mine, and mine are far from dainty. (In this sock knitting marathon, every pair of socks I have knit so far has been for feet 9-11 inches in length.)

At the moment, I'm inclined to knit the Peace Socks first. I still have to find yarn and needles that will give me gauge. But I have a wad of papers to grade tonight, so sock swatching may have to wait until tomorrow.

How many holiday presents have you made? I've completed one, and am about halfway through another.



  1. you mean how gifts have I made or how many have I finished? I have a couple of things waiting for me to review my info on buttonholes so I can knit the buttonbands and a couple of others that are to the point where I have to think about the next step and I just don't feel up to thinking that hard. Nice thing about socks- once you've thought it through it's the same for every pair.

  2. My question was asking how many holiday gifts you had finished. Almost finished doesnt--quite--count.