Monday, October 17, 2011

Jane Austen Knits

Jane Austen Knits, 2011 (Pre-Order) - Interweave

I must have one of these books. How about you?

Maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list.



  1. "Jane Austen Knits" is lovely, but the projects have little to do with early 19th-century knitting. I put numerous period knitting patterns into my book The Lady's Stratagem: A Repository of 1820s Directions for the Toilet, Mantua-Making, Stay-Making, Millinery & Etiquette. The knitting projects include stockings, slippers, gloves, mitts, petticoats, night jackets, berets, and purses with and without beads, and men's vests and pantaloons.

  2. After seeing all the projects in Jane Austen Knits, I removed it from my Christmas list because there are only a few I would knit. And even fewer I can imagine any Regency era lady knitting. I'll look for The Lady's Stratagem, Frances. Thanks for letting me know about it.